Hey I am the founder of Bara Studio!

My name is Christina, I am 30 years old and I live in Munich. But originally I come from the beautiful Lower Rhine, more precisely from Kempen. A small, sweet town where the largest St. Martin's procession in Germany takes place every year (but only marginally ...).

I attended my first sewing course when I was 14 and from then on it was very clear: "I want to do something with fashion". This was followed by a school education as a clothing technology assistant and afterwards I studied clothing technology and completed a master’s degree in the field of "textile products". The focus was on materials science, cutting technology and of course "process engineering" (how do I sew something and with what).

Then I took a job as a production manager in southern Germany. My tasks included flying to the production countries and carrying out quality controls on site.

I can still remember standing in front of a huge pile of down jackets in Vietnam and just wondering "Who is wearing that ?!". And today I know that a lot is not worn, just squandered with discounts or simply burned. The market is simply oversaturated ...

I often lay alone in the hotel and thought about the day. About the many people and the work and effort that is put into every single piece of clothing in these countries.

In Germany, many do not know exactly how clothing is made. Some are "shocked" that every piece of clothing is allowed to carry the label "Handmade". Because every single seam is sewn by a sewing machine that has to be operated by a person. There is no magic machine that you throw the fabric into at the top and the finished t-shirt comes out at the bottom.

And that's why I founded Bara Studio! To show you how to sew your own clothes! So that fashion can be experienced again and you can relate to it again.

What does it even mean to sew your own piece of clothing? What do I have to do with the fabric? And how do I operate a sewing machine? For example, how much work is there in a side pocket? Or in a shirt collar? How do I sew wrinkles? Or a buttonhole?

We are gradually clarifying these questions here. I am definitely looking forward to walking this exciting path with you and accompanying you with your first self-sewn garment!

All the best