Hey! I am the founder of Bara Studio!

Welcome to Bara Studio. I'm Christina, the founder. And I'm glad you're here to discover high-quality fabrics, minimalist sewing patterns, sewing tutorials and more. But I 'm at least as happy to be here. Because it was only a few years ago that I was still a long way from the inspiration and individuality that I love about Bara Studio. Thousands of kilometers away to be precise...

Asia – I was traveling there. As a production manager for a large clothing company, my job was to carry out quality checks on site. A dream job that I had been working towards for a long time! After all, I first completed an apprenticeship as a clothing technology assistant, then studied clothing technology and, as the crowning glory, did my master's degree in the field of "Textile Products". Fabrics and pattern, their quality and the secrets and techniques that ultimately achieve the best results with these simple ingredients: I was fascinated by all of this from my very first sewing course when I was 14. And after a long period of training and studying, I had finally arrived where it was all about fabrics and pattern on a grand scale.

It was fascinating! I learned something new every day. However, my curiosity did not stop at the technical side of textile production. When I stood between piles of down jackets in Vietnam or watched hundreds of seamstresses on a factory floor as they produced shirts by the minute, the question of meaning naturally arose in my mind. So many people put so much work, effort and resources into clothes, which after a short time was only sold off in stores with discounts, some of which were never worn and sometimes even destroyed!


It was probably the craftswoman and sewing enthusiast in me that at some point no longer felt at home in the classic fashion business. Clothing that is sewn on longer than it is then worn later? That just didn't feel good. And at the same time, in Germany, far away from the production countries of the textile industry, many even seemed to forget that actually every piece of clothing is handmade. After all, magic machines into which you throw a piece of fabric at the top and the finished T-shirt tumbles out at the bottom don't exist. There are only sewing machines and people who sit at them and sew. And because I was that kind of person with a sewing machine, I wanted the fun and good feeling back that started it all.


So I started to develop uncomplicated pattern that look good for more than one season. And because timeless pattern also need the right fabrics, I use my expertise to find special and high-quality fabrics - including many sustainable fabrics and designs that are only available by the meter at Bara Studio. I also quickly realized that I not only want to design patterns and sell fabrics, but also like to pass on my knowledge and expertise in sewing and fabrics. After all, if you take the trouble to sew yourself, you want it to be good!


So I founded Bara Studio as my very personal mix of pattern studio, web shop and sewing content forge - and since then I've been happy every day to have taken this step. Bara Studio has become such an inspiring place with such an amazing community. Nice that we are here together!