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Organic cotton - healthier soils and less water consumption

In my store you will always find the note "organic cotton", because I buy out of conviction only certified organic cotton for my products. Why? For a good reason! Or rather for good reasons ;)  Reason 1: Less water consumption. Organic cotton requires less water than conventional cotton. Why. Organic cotton farming uses captured rainwater for irrigation more often and has better water management. The natural crop rotation in organic farming also allows the soil to better retain water. Reason 2: No pesticides. In organic farming, synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited. Pest are controlled with traditional methods e.g. by placing other plants between the cotton plants, which are even more attractive for pests. This also makes a fabric made...

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TENCEL™ - the environmentally friendly man-made fiber

And yet a company from Austria has managed to develop a process that makes it possible to chemically produce a fiber that is green through and through. This company is called Lenzing and only fabrics woven with the fibers of this company are allowed to carry the brand name TENCEL™ .

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