Seraflex sewing thread black

Seraflex sewing thread black

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Color number: 4000

Application note:

  • SERAFLEX should be used both as a needle thread and as a bobbin thread.
  • Adjust the thread tension as loosely as possible, according to the motto "as much as necessary, as little as possible"
  • The lower thread spool should also be wound with as little thread tension as possible to prevent the thread from stretching beforehand.

Excellent stretch properties

Thanks to its innovative raw material PTT, SERAFLEX can achieve an elongation of up to 65%.

  • Double seam elasticity compared to conventional sewing threads

  • The elastic sewing thread makes the straight stitch in particular extremely stretchy

  • Oeko-Tex certification

SERAFLEX is manufactured under internationally valid ecological requirements and is certified according to Öko-Tex ® Standard 100 certified.