Keeping sewing patterns: The 3 best tips to eliminate your sewing pattern chaos!

Your sewing patterns are total chaos & you finally want to find the sewing pattern you are looking for right away?

Then you are exactly right here! In the following article you will find 3 tips to get your sewing pattern chaos under control.

1. Simply roll up your paper patterns!

For the first tip, you only need old toilet paper rolls and a pen to write on the rolls. Alternatively, you will need utensils for decorating the rolls, such as ribbons or stickers.

And this is how it works: You simply roll up the pattern so that it fits through the roll and push it through. Now you label and decorate the rolls. There are no limits to your creativity here! 

Now all you have to do is find a suitable place.

2. Put your paper patterns in folders!

The easiest solution is of course to put your patterns in folders. With this storage you have all the patterns together and organized. 

Of course you need a folder, transparencies and a ring binder register for this. 

First you can assign your patterns to different categories, e.g. that will Lova dress assigned to the category dresses. The respective categories are now written to the register.

After you have assigned all the patterns to categories and transferred them to the register, you can slide the patterns into cling film and tack them into the folder.

3. Storage in a drawer box

Our last tip to contain the chaos of your sewing patterns is to store them in a drawer box. 

For this you will of course need a drawer box, a pen and multi-purpose labels for labeling. Instead of labels, you can just use paper.

Now you can divide your patterns into categories again and label the labels with these. Then you stick the labels on the individual drawers.

If you are using paper instead of labels, you can cut the paper into small strips (the strips should be large enough to be labeled). Next, you label the snippets depending on the category and stick them to the respective drawer with scotch tape. 

Now you can sort your patterns into the drawers and you've finally brought order to your pattern chaos.

4. Special-Tipp:

Sort out paper clippings that you no longer use and give them away as gifts. You probably know someone who will be happy about it. Who doesn't enjoy free patterns ?! ;)