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Seepje - Cleaning the world more beautiful and cleaner together!

Seepje Liquid Wash

Everyone who ordered a DIY kit from Bara Studio in the last few weeks also had a small gift included. They were testers from the company Seepje - a company from the Netherlands, which has made it its mission to clean the world more beautiful and cleaner. You had either a bottle of the liquid detergent, or a bag of soap nuts in your box. I hope you enjoyed the little gift! :) Today I would like to tell you more about this great, unique company.

Who is behind Seepje?

The company was founded in 2013 by Jasper and Melvin, who saw on TV how a woman from Nepal used the peels of a fruit to wash her clothes. As a result, they asked themselves, "Why are we using all this synthetic stuff when washing can be done naturally?" They scraped together their BafÖG and imported the first shipment of these nuts to Rotterdam.

What is Seepje detergent made of? 

The shell of the fruit of the Sapindus mukorossi tree, known in Germany as soap nut, contains a natural soap that is released on contact with water and naturally washes the laundry. The liquid extract of these so-called "supershells" serve as the basis for the liquid products. However, you can also buy the supershells as a whole nut and put them in a small bag with in the washing machine.


Does this really work?

Yes! I tried it out myself, of course, before I sent the product testers out to you and I'm thrilled! When you wash with the super bowls, the laundry smells very natural and quite neutral. I personally like that very much, because I am generally not on strongly perfumed detergents or fabric softeners. Who likes it with a light fragrance is well advised with the liquid detergents. These smell pleasant and not obtrusive.

Why is Seepje sustainable? 

Seepje is in close exchange with the Word Fairtrade organization to improve working and living conditions in Nepal and India through fair wages. There, the supershells grow wild and are harvested, dried and pitted by the farmers.

Since the super shells have come a long way, Seepje offsets the CO2 created with the "GoodShipping Programme". This program provides recycled biofuels, such as old frying grease, to the shipping industry, enabling CO2-neutral super-shell shipping.

Seepje is also B-Corp certified, which means this company has their sustainability and impact comprehensively and independently verified.

The supershells are packaged in extraction workshops in the Netherlands.

The small PLA bag in which the supershells are protected from moisture is 100% biodegradable


The bottle of the liquid products is 97% recycled HDPE plastic


All essential oils contained are certified organic


From me there is a thick recommendation for Seepje and their products! Not only an incredibly likeable but also sustainable company!

Try it out and feel free to write me how you find the products of Seepje :) Here you can find all sales points in Germany.