TENCEL ™ - the environmentally friendly chemical fiber

Tencel Produktbild

Chemical fiber ?! What? Is that supposed to be environmentally friendly? Never!

And yet a company from Austria has managed to develop a process with which it is possible to chemically produce a fiber that is green through and through. This company is called Lenzing and only fabrics that are woven with the fibers of this company are allowed to carry the brand name TENCEL ™ .

How are you?

The raw material for this fiber is wood. In other words, a rapidly renewable raw material that is biodegradable and compostable. Wood and pulp from the Lenzing Group come from near-natural forests and sustainably managed plantations.

The TENCEL Lyocell fiber is then spun in a closed manufacturing process in which 99% of the water and solvent is recovered and reused.

This creates a unique fiber that has incredible properties. It is very firm, has an efficient moisture management (so it absorbs body moisture well and releases it to the outside without feeling damp) and is very skin-friendly. I always feel like I've been freshly creamed when I wear TENCEL on my skin. Just wonderful!

A revolution in the clothing industry

Even if TENCEL ™ Lyocell has been around for many years, d I think that this fiber will revolutionize the clothing market. Due to the smaller cultivation area of ​​trees compared to cotton, much larger amounts of raw material can be cultivated in a smaller area. In addition, this fiber meets the highest wearing requirements and just looks beautiful! The fabrics have a light matt sheen and a great drape. Perfect for beginners, because the fabrics are firm but not too stiff.