The reversible set from Prym

Have you ever tried to turn narrow tubes of fabric for belts, loops or straps? Then you probably know that this can be a rather time-consuming and, above all, nerve-wracking fiddling around. Luckily, Prym has a helpful turning set that makes things much easier and faster! In this tutorial we want to introduce you to this turning set and explain how you can use it.

This blog post has no connection to the Prym brand. We recommend this turning set based on experience with various tools for turning hoses and have come to the conclusion that this set is the quickest and easiest to use.

3 sizes for different tunnel widths

The reversible set comes in 3 sizes, each consisting of 2 parts: a plastic tube and a wooden or metal stick. With this multi-part set you are equipped for every sewing project. The smallest tube in size S is suitable for tunnels up to 19 mm wide. Size M can be used for tunnels from 19 to 25 mm. For wider tunnels from 25 mm you can then use size L.

And this is how it works:

First of all, logically, we need a tunnel. To do this, simply sew a strip of fabric in the desired length and width right sides together on the long and one of the short edges. Then cut back the seam allowances. If you need a tunnel that is open on both short edges, you would simply have to plan a little more length for your tunnel in advance and then you can simply cut off the closed edge after turning.

Now simply slide the tube through the opening in the tunnel up to the closed short edge.

Then press the fabric into the tube from the outside with the bamboo or metal stick.

Here we have represented the whole thing again graphically so that you can see it better:

Keep pushing the stick through the tube until it comes out the other side.

The stick is still inside the turned tunnel. You can use the tip to shape the turned corners nicely. And you're done!

So you can twist and turn it as you want, it remains a great thing! Have fun trying!