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Organic cotton - healthier soils and less water consumption


In my store you will always find the note "organic cotton", because I buy out of conviction only certified organic cotton for my products. Why? For a good reason! Or rather for good reasons ;) 

Reason 1: Less water consumption


Organic cotton requires less water than conventional cotton. Why. Organic cotton farming uses captured rainwater for irrigation more often and has better water management. The natural crop rotation in organic farming also allows the soil to better retain water.

Reason 2: No pesticides


In organic farming, synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited. Pest are controlled with traditional methods e.g. by placing other plants between the cotton plants, which are even more attractive for pests. This also makes a fabric made from organic cotton more pleasant for the skin, because it is not uncommon for skin rashes and allergies to stem from wearing pesticides on our skin. Small tip for this: Wash every piece of clothing (whether organic or not) before you wear it for the first time! So you wash out harmful substances before and do not burden your body with it.


Reason 3: No genetic manipulation


Genetically modified plants are prohibited in organic farming. This is because they can lead to the formation of resistance, loss of genetic diversity or uncontrolled spread. In addition, genetically modified seeds make farmers dependent on the companies that produce and sell them, because they are then dependent on one variety of seed.